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Our Mission

  • To improve knowledge of mental health throughout the community
  • Reduce the stigma associated with mental illness
  • Give people the confidence to help others with a mental illness

About Me

When I think back over my life, there have been many occasions when I have witnessed situations where family or friends were experiencing mental health problems such as Anxiety, Depression and Psychosis.

It’s not until now that I can look back and reflect and realise that I was one of the people that did not have any idea how to approach or deal with another person who was mentally unwell or in a crises.

I was the person that would not know what to do if confronted with a person having a panic attack in the local shopping centre.

I was the person who new that depression was real but would just say


How Life Can Change

sometimes very quickly and with great consequence that can alter the path of lives’ forever

From being a teen dealing with the school bullies and experimenting with drugs,

To a mum having to grow up when you were still so young,with expectations to be the perfect mother.

Dealing with abusive relationships, family breakdown, manic-depressive disorder, psychosis and suicide.

After loosing a loved one to suicide I began to reflect and look deep into myself, my thoughts and my actions, and how I had dealt with situations, but most of all I realised that I had misinterpreted so many things.

12 months had passed when I decided to attend the Standard mental health first aid course.

The course opened my eyes! It taught me how to recognise the signs and signals that someone dealing with mental illness would show. It gave me the courage to confront the fact that I had missed the signs associated with someone being mentally unwell and having suicidal thoughts.

I hope that everyone that is capable will participate in a mental health first aid course, because these skills will help you help someone incapable of helping themselves.

This course was the first stepping stone in my journey and I hope it will give you the inspiration to get the skills not only to help others but also to help yourself.
Angela Barnard.